Generator Installation

Safety and security are the main reasons that businesses back up their facilities, and those reasons apply to the residential market as well.  Home is often regarded as our most valuable asset and contains the things we cherish most. Protect your family and your home with a  Residential Generator System.

With a loss of power, your generator goes to work automatically. Whether you are home or away, your pipes will not freeze, food will not spoil, and your lights will be on. These systems are fully automatic, quiet, and worry free.  With a generators ability to restore power in just seconds and ease of installation.

Determining what you want to be able to run during an outage is the first step in sizing the proper home generator. Basic necessities such as heat, water and light are obvious, but what you choose beyond that will determine which size generator is best for you.

Contact AEC Electric for expert knowledge and insight in generator sizing, installation and pricing, by scheduling an in-home visit today.

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