Outdoor and Motion Lighting

An outdoor motion light sensor is a practical and efficient way to improve security around your home. Such a light uses sensors that enable detection of movement in the vicinity of the light. Most often, the sensors use microwaves, ultrasonic waves or infrared rays. When a person, object or animal passes through the path of these rays, the detector detects a movement and sends a signal, which turns on the light. Outdoor motion light detectors have several important benefits related to safety, practicality and energy conservation.

Enhance Safety

The biggest benefit of an outdoor motion light sensor is that it reduces the chances of break-ins and burglaries. Thieves usually look for houses that are poorly illuminated. If they try to break in to your house, the motion detector will recognize their presence and trigger the light. The sudden onset of the light will startle any unwanted visitor, who will most probably decide that it is best to take off. It is important to install any motion detector light on a high level, so that it is inaccessible to intruders.

Provide Illumination

When you approach your home in the dark, you may have to search for the light switch and then turn it on. In the meantime, you are susceptible to attacks from criminals who may be hiding in the dark. You can also trip and fall because the visibility is low. If you install a motion detector light, it will automatically turn on as you approach. The same goes for visitors to your home. You can create a welcoming ambiance and reduce the risk of falls.

Improve Appearance

People who approach your home in the dark will be much more at ease when the lights automatically turn on. This also improves the external appearance of your home.

Control Energy Expense

With a motion detector light, you never have to worry about turning the light on and off all the time. It will do so automatically for you. You can save a lot of energy and money. Unlike traditional lights that remain illuminated all night, motion detectors only illuminate the surroundings when there is reason to do so.

Install in Garage, Driveway, Porch or Backyard

You can install motion detector lights in any spot around your home. In the garage, it lets you see your surroundings when you get out of the car. You could also install it on your driveway for the benefit of approaching vehicles and people. You can set a time interval for which the light will remain lit after being activated.

Deter Animals and Pests

In rural and wooded areas, animals can cause trouble at night. To deter them from your property, use motion light sensors. You can set a threshold for motion detection so that the light will not turn on every time a bird flies by or there is a heavy wind. It can, however, detect larger animals such as raccoons, dogs and deer.


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