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    Our Prices

    All of our prices include labor and materials but exclude Tax.

    Common Job Cost* Description
    Replace ceiling fan $125 You supply ceiling fan,for existing location
    Supply ceiling fan $300 You supply house to bolt it to.
    Install new receptacle $150 Includes labor, materials (100′ Max.)
    Install new receptacle outside $250 Includes everything + weatherproof
    Install new light in new location $125 Includes everything except new light
    Install  LED downlight $200 As above but includes LED downlight.
    Replace light $65 Replace light where there is an existing
    Supply and install ceiling exhaust fan $200 bathroom type exhaust fan
    Supply and install Sensor light $160 Includes Twin LED Sensor light.
    Troubleshooting hourly service Call $100 1st hr $100/ additional hrs @$65
    Hot water element $220 Replace most electric hot water elements
    Hot water Thermostat $250 Element or thermostat is all it could be
    Install 100 Amp Service $1500 + inspection included price may vary
    Install 200 Amp Service $2000+ inspection included price may vary
    Install dryer new circuit $350 + up to 100′
    Install oven / stove new circuit $500 + up to 100′
    Replace switch/receptacle $50 Switch/receptacle included. +$15 GFCI
    Replace Dimmer $150 Dimmer included
    Install new smoke alarm $150 Includes new hardwired smoke alarm
    Dumb Looks free Ask John for the new ‘blue steel’ look
    Minor light/receptacle repairs $100 It’s $100 minimum charge* sorry.
    install E.V. Charger $500 (max 100′) Charger not included
    Safety switch install / changeover $220 We use quality. It will save your life
    Stand By Generator $750+ Generator and transfer switch not included
    Test and Label $10 Just a few items
    Test and Label $5 Bulk item lots (per item) – above 20
    Minimum charge $100 We don’t come and replace one light only.
    After hours emergency call out $175/hr Restore power only. Parts are extra.

    * Cost* may vary for difficult house. Usually cost is exactly as outlined above.