Service Upgrades


AEC Electric provides electrical service upgrades to homes and businesses throughout the Finger lakes Region of New York.

Many people live in homes that were built more than 30 years ago, which means that many of these homes have electrical systems that were not built to handle today’s electrical needs. This makes an electric service upgrade not only desirable, but a safety necessity. An obsolete home electrical system trying to handle modern electricity needs is not just inconvenient for home owners who constantly struggle with flickering lights, tripping breakers and too few outlets for too many modern appliances
it can be downright dangerous.
An electric service upgrade normally involves the complete replacement of electrical service to the house. This includes the line side service entrance cable, meter base, Entrance Cap, load side service entrance cable, the grounding and bonding system, and, of course, the electric panel itself. Sometimes, we are able to update the electrical meter and the new electric panel in their original locations.
If your business has grown, or you have replaced old equipment with new, then you might have already outgrown your current commercial panel. Likewise, if your building was built in the 50’s or earlier, there is a good chance that your commercial panel might be using outdated technology.
Both of these scenarios can be dangerous and frustrating, if you are not getting consistent, reliable Electric from your panel.